Bristol Blues exchange


Load your trunks, pack your valise or stuff your duffle bag - from First to Third Class, a ship of dreams is coming!



The third year of Bristol Blues Exchange brings you live music from three countries and three continents, international DJs, daytime discussions and activities, and all at the same time as the annual excitement of Bristol Harbour Festival (

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Boarding begins on Friday night, followed by a steerage shindig on Saturday and a First Class cocktail soirée on Sunday taking us into the small hours.

Daytime activities will include live music, an exclusive private cinema viewing and geeky discussions, as well as, of course, the delights of the free Harbour Festival to enjoy.

We invite you to dress accordingly for the evenings (or throughout the weekend) if you wish, and immerse yourself in the experience of traversing the decks of an early 20th century transatlantic ship, from the third classes kept out of sight below, to those who grace the captain's table.

Look out for icebergs and prepare to dance like it's your last night afloat!

(Lifeboats guaranteed for all at the Sunday night First Class soirée. Any references to 90s ship-based films are purely coincidental.)